Dubai – skyscrapers in the middle of the desert

On New Year’s Day 2015 we arrived in Dubai from Sydney. It was middle of the night, we were exhausted from long flight and almost a month of travelling, and we entered this last phase of our trip with a mixture of relief, as it was going to be purely about chilling and resting, butContinue reading “Dubai – skyscrapers in the middle of the desert”

Nut bark, popular Polish cake with lots going on inside

No matter what’s your taste preferences, one thing you cannot say about this cake is that it is boring. There is so much different stuff in it, that you kind of worry how it will turn out, with all these things put together into one cake. But there is no need to worry, let meContinue reading “Nut bark, popular Polish cake with lots going on inside”

Running with baby – how I won time back

As probably all new parents have discovered, car ride and hum of a busy road during stroll are the most effective natural sedatives for babies. Going for a walk is of course vital, as they need to get some fresh air, also it calms them down and usually sends of to sleep fairly quickly. AndContinue reading “Running with baby – how I won time back”

Cannon Hall – queen of the farms

Today I want to write about the place that definitely wins with all family attractions in Yorkshire – Cannon Hall in a Cawthorne village, near Barsnley. It’s one of the biggest farms in UK, rediscovered by us after couple of years absence. When we went there for the first time in 2012, Lily was onlyContinue reading “Cannon Hall – queen of the farms”