Australia: Darwin and Kakadu National Park

Outback and Northern Territory were the last stops on our Australian journey. As I mentioned in my previous post I so regretted not going to most famous Australian site Uluru, I thought it was very overrated, but when I fell in love with Kakadu, I realised what a chance I lost, as they are sortContinue reading “Australia: Darwin and Kakadu National Park”

Australia: Queensland and tropical Cairns

When you get off the plane in a completely different climate zone, this first breeze of hot and humid air is just the best. Especially if you come to the tropics in winter you may feel like being in a different world, when, sometimes still wearing winter clothes, you go down the steps right intoContinue reading “Australia: Queensland and tropical Cairns”

Australia: Sydney and Blue Mountains

Australia seems like a promised land to many, especially I think it appeals to Brits, which is hardly surprising, that, having such horrible weather most of the year, they dream about summer. How massive country it is I realised during domestic flights, when I watched thousands of km of untouched by human hand or footContinue reading “Australia: Sydney and Blue Mountains”

Is Malta good choice for family holiday?

This time for spring half term we decided to go to Malta. I haven’t quite mentally recovered yet from our recent flight to Dominican Republic so 3,5 hours on the plane was just what I’d have been able to survive. The weather is really nice in the end of May, with average 28°C it’s perfectContinue reading “Is Malta good choice for family holiday?”

How to survive sightseeing with kids

Our traveling adventures started almost 11 years ago. It’s hard for me to believe that this much time had passed since our first city break in Amsterdam, visiting Rembrandt’s house, and Anna Frank’s house, where she and her family were hiding during the World War II, buying colourful wooden clogs and tulips – the topContinue reading “How to survive sightseeing with kids”

Dominican Republic with baby – how to go and not loose your mind

Haven’t you sometimes heard comments like this when going away: why drag baby along on a such a long journey, he’ll be exhausted and won’t remember a thing anyway. Of course he won’t remember a thing and he doesn’t care whether it’s an inflatable mini pool in the garden or Caribbean sea he is splashingContinue reading “Dominican Republic with baby – how to go and not loose your mind”

Things to do in Dominican Republic

I always type this phrase in google, before deciding where to go and buying tickets. ‘Things to do’ or more like ‘many things to do’ is a major factor for me when choosing a destination. I don’t like doing nothing, I want to make the most of every single day, see everything I can, getContinue reading “Things to do in Dominican Republic”

Barcelona off the beaten track

Some people think it’s even greater than Paris. Decorated with out of this world Gaudi’s buildings it’s an exceptional place on the map of Europe. Pearl of Catalonia, couple of decades ago while sipping coffee in a local cafe you could rub shoulders with Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali or Joan Miro. Sun, beach, mosaics, paellaContinue reading “Barcelona off the beaten track”

Summertime in May in Majorca

I always have mixed feelings when looking for sunny destination for holidays in Europe in May. Temperatures are usually quite decent but it’s not yet hot enough to swim in the sea, and it might even be to cold for a swimming pool. There is nice summer weather in Canary Islands all year round, butContinue reading “Summertime in May in Majorca”