Best apple pie in the world

Now prepare yourself for a taste buds blowing experience, because this will be the best apple pie you’ve eaten (and ever will) in your entire life 🙂 This recipe comes from popular polish food blog called Kwestia smaku, I just slightly modified it ( i.e. skipped raisins, which appear in original recipe with apples, whichContinue reading “Best apple pie in the world”

Quick and easy Malteasers cake

It’s my daughter’s favourite cake. She wanted it for her birthday twice in a row, and 2 days ago asked if we could make it for her choir concert. It’s simplified version of classic malteasers cake. The only thing that requires couple of minutes work here is the sponge cake, which I realise is simple,Continue reading “Quick and easy Malteasers cake”

Guinness cake

Nigella Lawson, whose recipe for this cake I am following, writes that it is magnificent in its damp blackness. Nigella’s descriptions are so mouthwatering as if delicious sweet syrup was slowly dripping from her words. Sophisticated language is very adequate here as this cake truly is a piece of poetry. It looks like famous IrishContinue reading “Guinness cake”

Exceptionally good jacket potato with tuna

What’s the fuss about most simple and common dish in the world you might say, and writing a post about it, seriously, everyone can throw potato in the oven and mix some tuna with sweetcorn and mayo. Well, I must say you are not 100% right, because as we all know devil is in theContinue reading “Exceptionally good jacket potato with tuna”