Running with baby – how I won time back

As probably all new parents have discovered, car ride and hum of a busy road during stroll are the most effective natural sedatives for babies. Going for a walk is of course vital, as they need to get some fresh air, also it calms them down and usually sends of to sleep fairly quickly. AndContinue reading “Running with baby – how I won time back”

How having second baby had taken me by surprise

My baby boy is almost 10 months old. I know how cliche it is and that every mum in the world says that, but I really can’t believe how fasts it all had gone by, and that this little person is the same one I brought home from the hospital, he’s changes so much IContinue reading “How having second baby had taken me by surprise”

Quick and easy Malteasers cake

It’s my daughter’s favourite cake. She wanted it for her birthday twice in a row, and 2 days ago asked if we could make it for her choir concert. It’s simplified version of classic malteasers cake. The only thing that requires couple of minutes work here is the sponge cake, which I realise is simple,Continue reading “Quick and easy Malteasers cake”

Guinness cake

Nigella Lawson, whose recipe for this cake I am following, writes that it is magnificent in its damp blackness. Nigella’s descriptions are so mouthwatering as if delicious sweet syrup was slowly dripping from her words. Sophisticated language is very adequate here as this cake truly is a piece of poetry. It looks like famous IrishContinue reading “Guinness cake”

Arłamów – one of a kind place in Bieszczady mountains in Poland

I grew up in Sanok, small city in the south of Poland, not far form one of the coolest places in Poland – Bieszczady mountains. The most popular polish destinations among foreign tourists are cities like Cracow, Warsaw, Gdansk, and Bieszczady are less known than for example Zakopane and Tatra mountains, but they have someContinue reading “Arłamów – one of a kind place in Bieszczady mountains in Poland”

Dominican Republic with baby – how to go and not loose your mind

Haven’t you sometimes heard comments like this when going away: why drag baby along on a such a long journey, he’ll be exhausted and won’t remember a thing anyway. Of course he won’t remember a thing and he doesn’t care whether it’s an inflatable mini pool in the garden or Caribbean sea he is splashingContinue reading “Dominican Republic with baby – how to go and not loose your mind”

Things to do in Dominican Republic

I always type this phrase in google, before deciding where to go and buying tickets. ‘Things to do’ or more like ‘many things to do’ is a major factor for me when choosing a destination. I don’t like doing nothing, I want to make the most of every single day, see everything I can, getContinue reading “Things to do in Dominican Republic”

Barcelona off the beaten track

Some people think it’s even greater than Paris. Decorated with out of this world Gaudi’s buildings it’s an exceptional place on the map of Europe. Pearl of Catalonia, couple of decades ago while sipping coffee in a local cafe you could rub shoulders with Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali or Joan Miro. Sun, beach, mosaics, paellaContinue reading “Barcelona off the beaten track”

Exceptionally good jacket potato with tuna

What’s the fuss about most simple and common dish in the world you might say, and writing a post about it, seriously, everyone can throw potato in the oven and mix some tuna with sweetcorn and mayo. Well, I must say you are not 100% right, because as we all know devil is in theContinue reading “Exceptionally good jacket potato with tuna”